15 January 2013

Daily Challenge - Day 6

Today, I'm getting back to writing for my challenge.  It's the perfect day for it too - cold and sleeting outside, so being next to a warm computer is much better than being outside.

So, today's challenge is

Spend 15 Minutes Writing About What's Good About You

Some days, this is a much harder task for me than others.  But today I'm actually feeling pretty good about myself.  So here goes.

First, I'm a pretty good mom.  I'm not perfect, but I don't know a parent that is.  I do, however, love my kids, do my best to teach them how to navigate life, and try to raise them right.  I'm there to kiss their boo-boos when they get hurt, spank their bottoms when they misbehave, hug them tight when they're sad and laugh with them when they're trying to be silly.  I make mistakes and I lose my temper more than I'd like, but I do what I do for them.

I'm also a pretty good wife.  I support my husband in good times and bad. I try to have a semi-sane home for him to come home to.  I geek out with him when something catches his attention that's geek-worthy and I am there for him to debate with when he needs a little push back.  Our relationship is no more perfect than my parenting is, but it's filled with love and that's what matters most.

I like to think that I'm a pretty good writer.  Not only can I get the words into sentences in (mostly) the right order, but I have a way of making myself understood when I write.  I've got an imagination that pours out through these words.  I don't think I'll ever be published - or, at least not for quite some time.  But writing makes me happy and that's what matters most.

I've got a great voice.  I've been singing ever since I was a child and it's a time that I can let go.  I love to singing and I do sometimes missing in public.  But I get to still to sing to the kids and (every once in awhile) get a chance to sing for some others.

I've got a great sense of humor.  Warped, but great.  I find some of the weirdest things funny and I love to not only laugh, but make those around me laugh.

I try to be a good friend.  I may not always succeed (I'm still dealing with some social anxiety issues), but I do try to be there for hugs and support, even if it's only virtually.

I'm a pretty good baker.  I can't cook to save my life - hate doing it, everything comes out burned or tasteless.  But baking is something that I experiment with a little and it usually comes out wonderfully.

Now it's your turn.  I challenge my readers (especially Paul) to do the same yourself.  After all, there are good things in every one of you.  Sometimes you need help reminding yourself of it.

Tomorrow's gonna be more of a challenge for me than usual. It's

Make a Healthy Meal

As I posted above, I hate cooking and it rarely comes out good.  But tomorrow, Rich is teaching at the University of Phoenix so dinner is mine, all mine.  I'm thinking of making a recipe from SparkRecipes: Parmesan Chicken Strips with Marinara Dipping Sauce.  One of the few things Pete actually enjoys eating is chicken.  And it's something that I know I have all the ingredients with.  But we'll see what tomorrow brings.