11 January 2013

Friendship Friday - One Small Step

Friendship Friday is a new (to me)meme hosted by Create with Joy.  It's a chance to visit a few other blogs, maybe make some friends and talk about a topic or question that is posted.  This week, the theme is "One small step".

The theme has come at a good time for me, considering the things I've taken on with the start of the new year.  It may seem like a lot - getting back into SparkPeople, getting back into blogging, starting my daily challenges, getting back on track with the cleaning.  "How, Amber," I can hear you asking, "is that one small step?"

It's one small step because of my soft schedule.  I'm setting up the things that I need to do, making sure that I'm not over extending myself in any one area.  Yes, there are a lot of small steps I'm taking, but each of them are along a different road.

My cleaning road is taking the small step of cleaning one room a day.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  I'm not getting into the deep cleaning.  Instead, I'm making sure that I straighten things on the surfaces, clear off the floors and vacuum.  That's it.  If I do more, it's extra but not expected.  Eventually, it will take less time to do each room because I'll be keeping up with it every day.  And that's when I'll be able to get into some of the larger progress.  And eventually, I'm going to get back to FlyLady as well.

My health road is taking the small step of getting involved in SparkPeople again.  It doesn't take long for me to track my exercise or eating, nor does it take me long to update the few communities I'm still active in or update my blog.  SparkCoach is helping keep me on track as well, giving me guidance that I need.

My blog road is taking the small step of writing my daily challenge every day.  If I can do more in my blogs, great.  I love the various memes that I participate in, I love making new friends and getting in touch with old ones.  But those are the focus every day.  The focus is getting my daily challenge written in my blog.  And that doesn't usually take me long.

My daily challenges road is a small step in and of itself.  Each day is another small step toward making me feel better about myself, toward doing the things that I want to, and being the person I want to be.  It gives me something small to focus on.

They're all small steps to help me be who and what I want to be.  The changes I'm making are lifestyle, lifetime changes. And the only way to make them happen is with one small step at a time.