31 January 2013

Grrr frustration and annoyance

Anyone that's tried to stop by my blog in the last couple of hours or so has probably been scratching their head wondering what the hell was going on and why they couldn't comment.  Quite simply, it's because I'm an idiot.  I tried making some changes to my blog, and then when I did so, I lost my IntenseDebate Commenting software.  (This is why I liked the widget so much better than having to mess with the template.)  Then, even when I tried to update the style I wanted, I STILL couldn't get comments to work.  So now I've got a slightly different design - and one that (hopefully) be tweaked a little as time goes on.  But I'm definitely looking for any feedback on the slightly new look and/or anyone that may know how to make the dynamic view work with IntenseDebate - since Dynamic is what I was ultimately looking for.

Anyway, I'm fed up with it for tonight, so I'm going to think more about it tomorrow.  Or Saturday.  Or maybe even Sunday when Rich and the boys are at church.  Some time that is not now.

Now, I'm going to bed.  G'night, all!