31 January 2013

Let's Talk - #1 & #2

Hayley's World

I just found this through TamTam at HAVFAITH and thought it looked like an interesting thing to get involved in.  Let's Talk is a bi-monthly vlogging meme hosted by Hayley's World and Stroller Adventures.  Twice a month, Hayley posts a theme to vlog (or if you're feeling shy, blog) about and gives you the chance to link up.  Since I'm a bit of a nut, I decided to do all three at once.  I'm adding weeks 1 and 2 here, but you'll need to wait until next week to see what I had to share for week 3 (since the link-up won't go live until then). Gives you something (hopefully) to come back for!

The first week, the topic was 2012 and resolutions.  Here's what I had to say on the subject:

Can you tell I'm a little nervous?  Still, I had fun letting my thoughts run out there.

The next topic given was talking about your SO.  I love talking about Rich, so this one went a little longer.  I hope you don't mind listening to me ramble.

I did mention in the video that I'd link up to where I talked about my wedding bunnies. So, for those who missed me talking about them the first time around, you can find the picture and the story here.

Next week, I'll be back to talk about movies.  I hope you come back to hear what I have to say!