14 January 2013

Monday Listicles

I love quotes. Book quotes, movie quotes, song quotes, game quotes... I love the being able to show my love for brilliant writing. So this week's Monday Listicles is perfectly made for me. 10 Favorite Movie Quotes. It means I've got to ignore some of my other favorite quotes from books, TV and song, but I can still come up with 10 great quotes that I hope, too, will enjoy.

One of my favorite movies is Ever After.  It's such a strong, girl-power movie that shows that love is just as important as independence.  Drew Barrymore is brilliant in it.  The following scene is far and away my favorite because it epitomizes exactly that.

Have you scene the movie Mystery Men? If not, you've got to check it out! The second tier superheroes are trying to save the world after they've accidentally killed Captain Amazing. In the scene below, everyone except the Shoveler wants to run away but he gives a rousing speech involving egg salad. It's brilliant!

I got a chance to preview Gnomeo and Juliet when my dad won free tickets just before it came out and it was far and away one of my favorite movies of all time. And the scene with Gnomeo talking to Shakespeare is just fantastic. "It's rubbish!" And I adore Patrick Stewart, so there's a major plus there as well!

I'm a big fan of super heroes in general, and when Avengers came out, I squeed with delight. There were so many great scenes in the movie, so many great quotes. But my favorite is, far and away, Bruce Banner finally revealing his secret when it comes to the Hulk.

Being the geek that I am, it should surprise no one that The Princess Bride is another of my favorites. The clip below has one of the most awesome, and regularly quoted, quotes from the movie. I love it. But it's Indigo's last line in the scene that I love the most.

I came late to the Firefly party - after the DVDs but before the movie Serenity, so I was able to watch the show in the correct order and love it from the beginning. When Serenity came out, I made sure to watch it opening weekend - what self-respecting Browncoat wouldn't? The following scene, with River's two words of "My turn" had me at the edge of my seat, in tears. It was so awesome.

Having grown up in the 80s, Grosse Pointe Blank is a movie that brings me back to my childhood with every song. Add in John Cusack, Joan Cusack and Dan Ackryod and it's just too perfect. This scene is one of many great ones. Just make sure you're not watching the scene without any kids around - the language is not something you'll probably want them hearing.

Staying with comedy, I also adore In & Out. And this is one of the best scenes ever. It's great show of support. Though I can't help but laugh at line "You're a tramp!"

Combining two of my favorites - kids movies and superhero movies - is Sky High. The scene where Layla finally uses her powers aggressively and says, with pride, that she IS a sidekick had me clapping my hands when I first saw it. Awesome scene!

And finally, I'm going to end with something Rich and I took out the other day. It's the Reduced Shakespeare Company doing the Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged). I laughed, clapped and constantly turned to Rich going, "Did you HEAR that?" through the whole thing. There are far too many fantastic parts, so I'm going to share here the opening with a recommendation that you see this at some point. Because you'll really love it.

While these may not have actually been my top 10 favorite scenes or quotes, they were ten of my favorites that I could find clips for. So I hope you enjoy it!