12 January 2013

Saturday 9

1) Can you recall a time when you danced and romanced like you "owned the night?" More than 10 years ago at a guess.  Gamed like I owned the night, much sooner.  But dancing and romancing... tough with kids!

2) Samantha Winters admits she earned the name "Crazy Sam" during her party girl days in the 1980s. But now she's in bed by 11:00 PM. Do you have a regular bedtime? I try to be in bed by 11, but I've got weird sleep patterns.  Sometimes I fall asleep around 9 and wake up at 3 or 4, other times I can't fall asleep until 3 or 4.  Other times I'm asleep around 10:30 and sleep through the night.  Just depends on the day.

3) Lady Antebellum is one of the most popular acts in country music. Do you often listen to country music? Not as much as I used to.  I grew up a country girl and listened to it fairly regularly into my late 20s, early 30s.  But I don't listen to as much music at all any longer.

4) Are you responding to this meme on a desktop or laptop or phone or tablet? Desktop.  My Kindle, as much as I love it, isn't good for updating Blogger, especially when I'm trying to copy questions.

5) How often do you check your horoscope? I get my horoscope delivered daily.  I actually read it about once a week.

6) Congratulations! You just won a trip to Switzerland! Is your passport up to date? Passport?  What passport?  Seriously, getting my passport is one of the things on my bucket list.  I've never been outside the US so I haven't needed it so far, but that's also something I'd like to do someday.

7) Do you know how to snow ski? Yes, though it's been more than 20 years since I went skiing.  I was always better at cross country skiing than downhill.

8) What's the first beverage you drink in the morning? It depends.  Sometimes I'll make a pot of coffee and have that.  Sometimes I need the caffeine but don't feel like coffee so I'll have soda.  Sometimes I'll grab a glass of milk.  And sometimes I'll remember that I need 8 cups of water for the day and I start of strong.

9) Are you a good speller? Relatively good, yes.  Though I'm ever grateful for auto-spell check in browsers these days.