20 January 2013

Sunday's Stream of Consciousness

I was sitting down here, trying to do my Sunday Support post and realized that I don't really have anything that I need support for.  Or rather, I do, but I'm feeling strangely reticent.  I guess some of it is because I get a lot of it out one Wednesdays when I do Shell's Pour Your Heart Out.  So I'm trying to think of something else I can do on Sundays - I don't have as much to post, meme-wise, on Sunday.  And I want something to make people come back on Sundays.  I'll have to think about it over the next week and see if I can figure out something.  Maybe I'll stick with a stream of consciousness like I'm doing today.

For all that I dropped the ball on a few things this week, it's been an amazing week for me here at Sanity's Overrated.  I've seen a lot of new people stop by my blog with a lot of interesting thoughts and comments.  I've seen new followers (Hi there!) and followed a few people back.  It's helped bolster my mood a lot.  Thank you, everyone.

Speaking of my blog, I'm trying to figure out replying to comments.  As much as I'd like to respond as soon as I get them, it's not always practical.  But I don't want to wait and reply once a week like I managed to do this past week.  I'm going to aim for once a day, but it may end up being 3 or 4 times a week. Bloggers, how do you handle incoming comments to your blogs?  I'm still in the process of shaping this blog to be what I want it to be, so please bear with me as I do.

I spent far more time in my brace this week than I wanted to.  It's so incredibly uncomfortable!  I'm not hurting at all today, so I'm hoping I'll be ok from here on out.  Both my PT sessions seemed to go fairly well and I'm keeping up with my exercises at home.  So maybe.... just maybe I'll be able to quit PT soon and get my mornings back!

I've got to figure out the best time for me to be online and the best time for me to be working on other things.   I'm finding I'm spending too much time doing online things and not enough doing offline things.  I think if I could prep a few things before hand, things that I don't necessarily need to be online to to do.  For example, this morning, I wrote out my meal plan, my soft schedule for next week, and several ideas for my personal challenges on paper.  It was a lot easier to just type up when I did get on the computer.  Also, if I used more of my time at night going through my e-mail and Reader stuff on my Kindle, it might make it a little less time.  Then I can focus on the blog posts when I'm online and have it take less time.  We'll see.  And it is giving me an idea for a challenge question.  We'll have to see how this goes.

In some ways, I love the mental state that I'm in and in others, I hate it.  See, I have a TON of ideas going through my head right now.  Things I want to do on the blog.  Things I want to do around the house.  Things I want to write about.  Ways I want to exercise.  Etc, etc, etc. And it's great, because I'm thinking of all these things!  But there's the impatient part of me that wants them all nownownow.  And there aren't enough hours in the day for that.  I think I'm going to start keeping my notebook around so I can write them down when  they come to me.  Anything to help the flow, y'know.

I really need to get off the computer for now.  I've still got exercising to do.  I picked up a Pilates DVD yesterday at the library and my husband, whether he knows it or not, is going to be doing Pilates with me in a little while.  Gotta grab my water and go!  Have a great Sunday, all!

When the weather gets a little warmer and my ankle
gets a little better, I'm going to start walking by here again.  It's one
of the local parks and I absolutely love the trails there.