13 January 2013

Today was a kick butt kind of day

As I mentioned in my Daily Challenge Post today, I spent 5 1/2 hours cleaning my room.  Honestly, when it come to house cleaning, my bedroom and/or the boys' room usually lands squarely at the bottom of my priority list.  Instead, I focus on the areas of the house that more people will see - the living room, dining room, kitchen and downstairs bathroom.  And with my ankle still healing, my bedroom just got worse and worse.  When I wrote up my soft schedule for the week, I put cleaning the bedroom as today, and set aside an hour for it.  I'd also expected that Rich could help me out with it.

Originally, my plan was to get the floor cleaned up, bring the glasses that had migrated upstairs back downstairs and maybe vacuum.  Instead, I cleaned everything while watching Numb3rs.  I started on my side of the bed, the narrow little walk-way that seems to become a home for dirty clothes, books and anything else that I drop to my side of the bed.  I got on the floor and cleaned as far under my side of the bed as I could.  I tackled something I'd asked Rich to work on the last time we did a big bedroom clean - the top of his dresser.  I took loose books off the bookshelf at the end of my bed, along with our nightly meds and all the computer software we had there and did reorganizing.  I went to Rich's side of the bed and cleared the floor near it, also going under his side of the bed.  I cleaned off the headboard.  I cleaned off my dresser.  I went through boxes and bins.  I put things away in the newly cleaned out hall closet.  I cleaned off the second bookshelf.  I made myself a bedside table out of three crates that had previously been filled with books and things.  I, not to put too fine a point on it, kicked ass.

When I finished, I ended up with two bags of trash, one huge box of recycling, one bag of recycling, one bag of clothes for Goodwill, three hampers full of laundry (keep in mind that I also stripped the bed and Rich and I remade it with the bed-in-a-bag set he got me for Christmas), along with 4 boxes and 2 bags of things that belonged downstairs and will be put away when I work on the dining room next (since that's where most of them belong).

I'm feeling really good about myself.  I'm feeling good about what I'm doing and where I'm going with things. Yeah, I ache.  I couldn't expect less with everything I got done today.  But It's that sense of accomplishment that I haven't gotten for a long, long time.  My house is getting to where I want it to be and how I want it to look.  Which means that I, also, am getting there as well.  And it just fills me up with so much joy.  Strange, huh?

I'm going to be taking some pics when I go up to bed for the night.  Not only will I use them for my motivational poster, but I'll also post them here because I'm really proud of what I got done.