04 February 2013

Monday Listicles - Into the Depths of My Purse!

I love purses. I buy far more than I need and change them out every few months. Last October, I decided I wanted a larger one than I had so I could slip things like books and my kindle into it.  What I ended up getting was this:

Someone was selling it at our local Cultural Festival and I thought it was perfect.  As large as I wanted, hand made, and about the same price I would have paid for crap at Wal-Mart.  And I do love it. The only problem is that, being as large as it is, I have a tendency to put more stuff in it than my back can handle.  I was expecting a disaster when I finally started taking pictures of what was in it today. I mean, look at this!

Clutter, clutter, clutter!  But it turned out to not be too bad, all things considered.

So now I invite you to join me in the journey through my purse for this week's Monday Listicles

13 Things You'll Find in My Purse

  1. I always keep a back-up book to read, usually something I'm very familiar with.  As much as I'd always like to be prepared and have my kindle or a book I'm currently reading on hand, it just doesn't happen.  This makes sure I have something to pull out if a wait gets too long.

  2. I'd read somewhere about using make-up cases to keep things under control in your purse and thought it was a great idea.  So I picked up three different ones and started keeping things in them.  I love the two clear ones I have, because it means I can see what's inside.  This one holds candy, wipes, toys.... little things like that.

  3. This clear container holds primarily my medicine and personal items.  The allergy med container isn't actually allergy meds - it holds my advil and other important pills.  I also have my Love's Baby Soft hand cream in there.  Absolute favorite!

  4. I keep my coupon keeper in my purse.  The only problem with this, of course, is that I forget to pull it back out to put new coupons in it.  Gotta find a way to remember to pull it out and regularly clip coupons.

  5. I'm asthmatic, so having my inhaler with me all the time is a definite plus.

  6. I didn't even try to look through these.  Receipts from shopping trips, papers from visits to various places and who knows what else.  Right now, it's known as Trash.

  7. I usually have to be the driver because, if I'm not, I start feeling pretty nauseous.  For the times when I CAN'T be the driver (other illness, usually), motion sickness pills are an absolute must.

  8. We end up with all sorts of things from Pokemon League visits.  this is a Pokemon pencil that one of the boys got, yet it managed to find it's way into my purse and not back out again.

  9. Some days I have nails, some days I don't. When I do, I have a tendency to tear them.  So my nail file is a handy thing to keep around.

  10. I love having long hair, but some days it just drives me nuts, getting in my eyes, fluffing out everywhere.  After not having anything to pull it back with too many times, I started carrying hair ties in my purse.

  11. I made an extra key for our apartment a few months back.  It, and this Pokemon card from a Pre-release (I think) had been stuffed into one of the outside pockets of my purse.

  12. I'm almost always in need of a place to write things down on.  The notebook on the left started life as a place to keep track of when my van was acting funky.  The one in the middle was for the days I forgot to write a note for Teddy for school and had to have something I could pull out.  The one on the right I got from a McDonald's Happy Meal a few months back.  Julius rocks.

  13. Finally, these are the odds and ends toys, pens and medicine that somehow found their way to the bottom of my purse.