27 December 2010

Book Review Number 23: Bridges of Valor by Anne Lesley Groell

Bridge of Valor is the second book in the Cloak and Dagger series by Anne Lesley Groell.  Jen & Thib are officially in training for the Guild and have been sent on their first assignment - to help an aristocrat figure out who has put a curse on his castle, Valor's Rest.  Jen pretends to be Ruary (the aristocrat)'s fiancée, who he hasn't seen in 17 years and she had recently become friends with. It takes Jen and Thib awhile to really get on the case and find out who is at the bottom of all of it.  Vera and Absolom both return, though they aren't as much an integral part of the middle of the book.

I didn't care as much for Bridge of Valor as I did either Anvil of the Sun or The Cauldron of Iniquity.  The book didn't seem to hang together as well as the other two.  For all of Jen's flightiness, I have a hard time believing that she would so completely ignore what she was there for.  The Guild has been too important a part of her life for her to get so caught up in Society.  And Thib has always been too practical to let her get away with ignoring their responsibilities for that long.  Still, it was a somewhat good mystery and a bit of fun seeing a bit of society that Jen wouldn't mind getting into.