09 April 2011

A day full of... full, and the Saturday Blog Hop!

Today is going to be one incredibly full day.  Quite a bit of time will be spent outside the home.  We've got our usual Saturday trip to the library, along with today's being the monthly book sale there (of which this is also one of their 1/2 price sales, so I'm hoping to get lots of goodies).  This afternoon, we've got the 11th Annual Family Literacy Day sponsored by Belmont University. As I mentioned previously, this is something we've been going to for the last couple of years and we really, really enjoy it.  I think Even Pete is ready to really enjoy it this year.  I can't wait to see what books they pick out at the end of it all.  I've got a couple errands to run as well (like going to the store) so we probably won't be back until later in the evening.

I'm hoping to get quite a bit of blogging done today, as well as make a couple additions to the blog as a whole that I was hoping to make.  I was far too tired to do my A to Z Challenge post or my Feel Good Friday post yesterday, let alone the book reviews that I needed to do.  So my hope is to get those finished today so I can feel like I'm a bit caught up.

I have done one thing online already today - joined the Saturday Blog Hop through The Mom Pledge.  For any new readers that haven't already taken the Mom Pledge, this is a cause that I believe very firmly in.  It was started by Elizabeth at The Writer Revived in an effort to make people aware of Mommy Blogger Bullying - the tendency for some Mommy Bloggers to berate, stalk, or in any other way bully mom's that they don't agree with.  Being online, it gives a lot of moms a sense of powerlessness because they can't actually face their attacker.  The Mom Pledge was created for Moms to not only be made aware of this problem and spread the word, but to try to help each other out when we see bullying occurring.  I have often said that I've been very lucky when it comes to online bullying in my blog - I've had fantastic commenters who, even if they don't agree with something that I post, don't manage to sling mud here.  But I know that I'm lucky in that aspect.  Not all Mommy Bloggers are - particularly those who make non-traditional choices.  So I do my best to support not only the Mom Pledge but as many of the bloggers that have taken the pledge already.

The Saturday Blog Hop is a great chance to find new blogs.  And there area all kinds of posters on these blogs - those that post continual wit, those that are incredibly honest, those that like to post a lot of pictures, those who like to write mainly words.  There are moms who state who they and their families are openly and others that are more circumspect.  Some will post humorous tidbits, others will do daily or weekly memes, and still others will post like a traditional journal, commenting about their day.  And there are several (myself included) who do a little of everything.  So check out some of the blogs below.  As more bloggers enter their info, the blog roll will update.  So come back to the Blog Hop Page often to see what other blogs you can enjoy! (Since I haven't been able to figure out how to get the code to add the hop here.... I blame it on tiredness.)