23 April 2011

Time for a Blog Hop!

It's that time again - time for the weekly Mom Pledge Blog Hop!  And, being Easter Weekend, it's a perfect time for "hopping" along with that famous Bunny. :)

For those new to my blog, I'm a big believer in the Mom Pledge.  We're a group of Mom Bloggers that are doing our best to eradicate bullying in the Mom Blogging community.  We believe that it is possible to disagree without making it personal, without trying to make the blogger in question feel like shit just because we don't agree with something they say.  Our community is constantly growing, so please feel free to join.  Even if you aren't a Mom blogger (like my friend Kerri), that doesn't mean that you can't give your support if you agree with what we're trying to do.

So... take a hop on to the next blog and see who else you may discover among the Mom Pledge community!