08 May 2011

Mother's Day

First, I had a mother.  She and I didn't always see eye to eye on things, but I never doubted that she loved me.  Even after the angriest arguments we'd have, she would still be willing to fight the world whenever she thought I was wronged.  She held me when I cried, celebrated with me during my triumphs.  She's been there for me every step of the way.  As the years have gone on, I've understood just what it was like for her raising me - I see a lot of myself in Teddy and a lot of her in me.  I'm lucky that our relationship has only gotten better over the years.  I love my mom.

Mom, on her wedding day this past August

When I was a teenager, I gained another mom... a step-mom.  Just like with my mother, Sue and I never saw eye to eye when I was a kid.  We had some rough times.  But like with my mother, I never really doubted that she loved me.  And again, our relationship got better as I got older.  She was a strong, brave woman, no matter what life dealt her.  She's been gone for several years now, and I miss her.

Mom Suzy in the middle, during Crazy Tourist Day at the nursing home she worked at.

After college, my best friend shared her mom with me.  Mom B was always there to listen, to welcome me home, and to treat me like a daughter.  I loved her so very much.  And I was lucky that she let me into her life as well.  I miss you, Mom B.

Carm and Mom B on Carm's Wedding Day

The next mom to enter my life is someone who had been there for so long - my sister, Deni.  In 2004, she became a mom for the first time to Gabe.  And what a great mom she's been.  Not perfect - but who is - but still a mom that cares.  It's a place where we've grown closer over the years.  And I'm grateful for it, because I've learned a lot from her.

Den, super Mother and Daughter, at Mom's wedding

When I married the man of my dreams, I found another mom.  Mother-in-law she may technically be, but Mother she is in fact.  She has been there to listen, given us support, and gave me another path to study for great motherhood.  I'm so grateful to be a part of her family.

Being a great Nonni, listening to her grandson's stories from across the table.

Right after I had Pete, I found out that there was going to be another Mom in my family - Rick's sister, Robin.  And I knew, from the fantastic Aunt that she's been to my boys, that she was going to be a great Mom too.  And she proved me right.  I still find it strange to have someone ask me parenting questions sometimes, but I've been glad when she's let me share my experiences with her.  She's part of a family of great Moms.

Robin, doing what Moms do.

They aren't the only mom's that have touched my life.  Far from it.  Grandmothers, aunts, step-sisters, friends.... all Moms that have shown me the way.  Without their guidance, experience and love, I wouldn't be able to be the Mom that I am now.  Not a perfect mom.  But a loving mom.  And a caring mom.  And a mom who does the best she can.

Thank you, Moms in my life.  Thank you for being who you have been, for raising your children the best way that you can, and proving that there is no one, true way to get there.  May today remind you how important you are in the lives of others, because you all have one incredible thing in common.  You all have brought special people into this world and, for that honor, you have earned the most important title in the world.


Happy Mother's Day

And, lastly, why I'm glad for all the moms I know.  Because they've helped me do the best I can by the three pictures below.