26 July 2011

Trial and Error Tuesday

Things have changed a bit in recent months, so I've decided that I need to keep my blog changing with it.  Which means that a couple of my topics (which I'm trying to get back on track for writing about) aren't quite cutting it any more. Writing out my to do list here every Tuesday seems kind of boring.  Yes, it helps me keep on track and gives me a sense of accomplishment from week to week, but it's got to be boring for the rest of you.  So Tuesdays will now be changed to Trial and Error Tuesdays.  Sometimes I'll post about something I've tried over the last week, others it may be about something I'm planning on trying over the next week, with eventual updates.  My trial and error for this week (still being Tuesday) will be Trial and Error Tuesdays.  I'm not sure if I'll have something to write about weekly.  It may fizzle not long after it gets started.  But it's going to be one of my things to try out over the upcoming weeks.  I've got another few things I'm going to try to do this week, but a little more about that in a little bit.

The other weekly topic change will be on Saturdays.   I'm not swapping much (if at all) lately, so Swap-Bot Saturdays has kind of outlived it's usefulness.  Instead, I'm going to do something that will hopefully get a few more people involved.  It's going to be sharing Saturday.  Each Saturday, I'm going to post a brief topic for people to write posts about, sharing a little more of themselves with their readers.  It will be a Blog Hop of sorts, so I'll have a linky up for a few days for people to link back to their posts and (hopefully) get a chance to meet some new and interesting bloggers.  That's my hope, anyway.  If I have the forethought, I'll post the topic at the end of my Feel Good Friday post.  Wish me luck with that.

Now, on to the other trial and errors for the week.  First will be a continuation of some changes to my blog.  I want to fix my buttons, maybe tidy up my blog roll a bit - get rid of some that I'm not reading as much and add others that I've found recently. I want to add an "About Me" page (which could end up being really interesting, knowing my style of writing) and maybe a few other pages to help navigate around my blog.  Regarding any and all of this, please feel free to give me some suggestions.  What would you like to see on my  About Me page? What other pages would you like to see me add?  Suggestions on buttons?

The other is one that I'm thinking of going through with tomorrow and comes back to my post the other day about needing a change.  I got a coupon for $10 off a color at Super Cuts in the mail today.  I was planning on going to get my hair trimmed anyway, so I'm seeing this as a sign that I should go for the color too.  I've got to take a look at my calendar since I know I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow but can't remember when.  But if it looks like I'm going to have the time for it... I'm getting my hair dyed.  I still haven't decided on a color, but I'll be sure to have before and after pictures so those that are interested can see the changes.  (Which reminds me, I took the boys to get their haircuts today - and that was a big step all of it's own, since both of them love to run around the salon.  But their haircuts really do make them look different.  I need to get pics of them in the morning too.)

So... yep.  A lot of possibilities, plots, plans and ideas on my plate.  But that's ok, right?  Because I won't be able to go too crazy if I keep busy.  Or something like that.