27 July 2011

Wildcard Wednesday - A New Me

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been feeling the need for a change lately.  With so much craziness around lately, I've been hoping that it will help get me back on track a little.  Not sure if it will, but the outward change has been made.  I spent few hours while the boys were in PDO changing my hair.  Gone would be the mouse-brown locks (shot through with the occasional gray).  Gone would be the shaggy hair that refused to stay where I wanted it to.  A new Me was going to emerge.

There was a bit of a wait when I got there, and so I took the time to look through the color and style books to see what I might want.  Nothing specific jumped out at me.  I was debating either adding some red to my hair (though I knew I'd never be able to get it the rich red of a natural redhead) or going much darker... more raven colored.  I'd kind of decided on the red, but I wasn't married to the idea.  As for the cut... I just wanted something pretty easy to take care of.  So when Jen, the stylist that took care of the boys' haircuts yesterday, came in and said she was ready for me, I left it in her hands.  We decided to go with a mahogany, combining the level of color my hair is now and one a couple shades lighter.  And the cut... I told her what I wanted and she said she'd do something cute.

I finished up right before I needed to go pick up the boys, and as soon as we got home, I had Teddy take a picture.  Not the best pic... Maybe I'll try again in the sun tomorrow.  But you can get an idea of the cut, if not the color.


And After

I need to have Rich or Teddy get a picture of the back.  There's where you can see the most difference.  But it's cooler and nice and it gives me just the change that I needed and wanted.  So that part of Trial and Error Tuesday worked out nicely.