05 August 2011

Feel Good Friday

Today has been a pretty great day, all things being equal.  I managed to get up this morning  at 6 and get a mile (at home) walk done.  Then a shower and life was good.  Rather than reaching for coffee and a toaster pastry, I had yogurt and a G2 (low cal Gatorade).  I managed to get my e-mail cleaned out and reorganized a few things on my Reader feed.

A friend and her three kids (including her new baby) came over to play for awhile before we did some school shopping.  I got a chance to hold the baby a lot.  There's still a part of me that's wanting another child, but at the moment, I can scratch that itch by holding the new baby.

Rather than buying food out, I got the boys sandwiches at home.  We have pork that's been simmering in BBQ sauce in the crock-pot all day, so my house smells delicious.

I've read through my reading list (and it's pretty long) and have several pages up, waiting for me to write several meme-ish blog posts.  I'm feeling pretty productive today.

Plus, I know that I'm raising a pretty good kid.  We stopped Teddy's naps this week, since he won't be getting them in kindergarten.  But Pete is still definitely in need of naps.  But Teddy likes to help with nap time.  Today, even though Peter wanted me to read him his story, he wanted Teddy to cover him up.  So Teddy asked him if he wanted one or two blankets and, when Peter said two, he handed me one of them to hold while he got Peter comfortable.  Then he gave Peter a very large hug and kiss and said a very sweet "Have good sleep, Peter!  I love you!"  He's a good big brother.

What has made you feel good about this Friday?