28 December 2011

The Pokemon 12 Days of Christmas

This afternoon, at Teddy's request, he and Rich sat down and figured out the Pokemon 12 Days of Christmas.  Teddy was most of the way there so it's definitely his baby.  He wanted me to share it.  And rather than write out the whole things, I'm going to start on Day 12.  (Since most of you know how the 12 Days of Christmas goes anyway.)

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
Twelve Squirtles squirting
Eleven Swellows flying
Ten Chimchars blazing
Nine Sandiles digging
Eight Miltanks milking
Seven Muks a sludging
Six Klinks a clanging
Five Ultra Balls
Four apricorns
Three TMs
Two Blazikens
And a Snivy on a vine whip.

He has his daddy's love of parody.