21 January 2013

Monday Quiz

Acting Balanced

Once again, I'm back with Heather and Wayne (of Acting Balanced and Touristic, respectively) for another week of Monday Quiz. They'll list four questions for you to answer in your own blog, then ask you to add a fifth of your own.

Here are the questions:

  1. What was your favorite lunch this past week? It would have to be today's lunch.  I had pasta e ceci, fresh sugar snap peas and an apple, along with a large thing of water.  Healthy, yummy and filling.
  2. Do you shop online? Quite a bit, yes.  Sometimes it's because I can't find what I want locally.  Sometimes it's because my social anxiety has flared up and I can't face going into a store.  
  3. Do you get the "Winter Blues"? Yes.  I don't get out into the sun often enough, being much more a homebody, so it's easier to let my depression wash over me that way.
  4. Slippers, Socks, Shoes or Bare Feet? Usually, I prefer bare feet.  If I'm trying to get things done, I wear my shoes because it puts me in more of a working mode.  But today, I'm wearing my favorite red slippers.  I've had these things for years (you can tell, the bow is off of one of them) but just recently found both of them again.  So they are getting reacquainted with my feet.

  5. What was your best moment over the last week? Ok, I have two.  First, it was watching Pete name Pokemon evolutions while we were watching Pokemon this weekend.  I listened to this and thought, "This boy is so much like his brother."  The second was last night at dinner, when Pete was getting really upset about something.  Teddy took his hands and said, "Peter, you know you've got to come down.  Watch me.  This is how I calm down." And he proceeded to show him.
Now it's your turn!