05 April 2013

E is for... Energy

Dear Energy Fairy,

How are things going?  I noticed that you haven't been by as much lately and I was getting a little worried.  I mean, 20 years ago, you were always around.  You helped me pull all-nighters in college.  You helped me stay out partying until 5 am and still make it in to work the next day.  We were best friends!  So what happened?

I mean, I know I wasn't there as much when my boys were born.  Kids can be hard work.  But still, you managed to drop by daily, kept me going, kept me moving.  You've always been so giving, and it's one of the things that I like about you.

But this last week or so, I haven't seen you at all.  No stops for late night chats.  No afternoon coffee talks.  And it hurts.  Because I really looked forward to those times.  I may not have told you often enough, but I need you, Energy Fairy.  I don't know how to make it through my day without you.

So please, please come back soon.  There's so much we can do together.  And I promise, I'll do whatever you want to make you feel appreciated.  Go to bed earlier?  Exercise more?  Drink more coffee?  I don't care what it is, I just want you back in my life.  Just think about it.

Hopefully your friend,

Dear Amber,

Nothing's wrong.  I've been by every day, but you're usually sleeping or on the computer.  I've been leaving your energy packages with Pete.  Do you think maybe he's taking them?

I'm hoping to stop by tomorrow.  If you'd go to bed a little earlier and maybe get some exercise done on the Wii Fit in the morning, you should be awake for our chat.

Always your friend,
Energy Fairy