10 April 2013

I is for... Incense

I love the smell of incense burning in my home.  There's something about the small stick, wafting scented smoke through my apartment, that is calming to me.  With incense burning, I know that I can have an enjoyable scent reach my nose.  And I don't have to worry about open flame, like I do with candles.

It's been awhile since I'd burned any incense.  In part, it was because I didn't really have a good place to keep it.  Nowhere stable, out of reach of the kids and somewhere the scent could travel.  Plus, I wasn't sure what I'd done with my incense holder and my incense when we moved.

The other day, though, I found both.  And Teddy, not knowing what the incense holder was, played around with it and accidentally broke it.  I was upset more because of the age of the holder - I'd had it for 15 years - than the price of getting a new one - $1.  But there's no use crying over ashes, so I went out and purchased a new holder yesterday.

It's very similar in style to the one I had before - just a long, thin piece of wood about an inch and a half wide, curved slightly at one end to help hold the stick of incense.  On the opposite end is a gold colored yin-yang symbol.  I could have gotten a couple of different designs - the one I remember is a peace sign - but the yin-yang appealed to me more.

Now that I have my holder and my incense, it's time to make the house smell better.  I put some Oriental Woods incense in the holder, lit it, and have been enjoying the scent while I've written this post.